Web Development

Today, the web can be seen as a nearly infinite and expansive information reservoir.  For this reason, it is important for users to be able to quickly and intelligently sift through the data in order to uncover its various hidden gems.  In addition to programs and artwork, I have taken several strides to support our thriving digital ecosystem while helping users find what they are searching for.

DigitalDepths.co.nf screenshot

Digital Depths

Originally created as a project for my introductory web development course, Digital Depths has since grown into my database-driven web portfolio that you see today.

Glance at my portfolio:




NorthFloridaSpringsAlliance.org screenshot

North Florida Springs Alliance

In addition to Promoting my own work, I have previously worked in collaboration with one of my Web Programming classmates (Christian Wilde), and the non-profit North Florida Springs Alliance in order to provide them with an updated and better-structured website.

Take a look at our project:


Or, visit the new North Florida Springs Alliance:


cs366hssdb.dx.am volunteer list screenshotHorse Sense & Sensitivity Database Web Application

Continuing to challenge myself, my class recently had the opportunity to work with the therapeutic equestrian organization, Horse Sense & Sensitivity.  The purpose of the project was to create a user-friendly web application enabling members of the organization to store their records more easily and securely.  As the leader of the web development team, I oversaw user navigation, content organization, prototyping, and overall appearance.


http://cs366hssdb.dx.am volunteer form screenshot


  • Wei He (Project Manager, Database Team Leader)
    • Alexis Crouch
    • Barry Hamilton
    • Sam Yasin
    • Sandy Sisavath
    • TC Caroll
  • Myself (Web Team Leader)
    • Chris Dykes
    • Desmond Sullivan
    • Eric Drummond
    • Luis Grossling
    • Veronica del Rosario


See for yourself:

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