Unfolded-IconTowards the summer of 2017 several of my classmates and I started thinking about what we wanted to work on for our year-long games project.  After exploring many, many possibilities, we eventually settled on creating an origami-themed action/adventure game.  We pitched Unfolded at the end of the spring semester, were ecstatic when we heard we were approved.


Unfolded PosterThat fall, we started development, and set to work breaking up tasks and doling-out responsibilities.  Throughout it all, my responsibility has shifted around a bit, but at present I am serving as one of the leads; writing the camera system, developing one of the weapons, helping with our build system (PC, PS4/Pro), and (due to my animation background) overseeing the 3D side of the art production pipeline.

There are many more challenges in store for our team and Unfolded, but I hope that you will stay interested and look us up from time to time.

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