Programs and Code

Beneath the flashy graphics of today’s applications lies a sea of code. As a programmer, I believe in submerging myself in these waters in order to better understand them and what may lurk below.

MailSender ScreenshotMail Sender

This is a quick little application I whipped up while I was trying to figure out how to send emails in C#. It allows the user to send emails to others, through the use of their email address, password, and Smtp server.

Try it for yourself:

MailSender.exe (Windows Only)

Topping Selection

Vincent’s Pizzeria

This is another one of my C# applications originally created for one of my programming classes at JU (CS 160). This program allows the user to order from a virtual pizzeria by simulating the online purchasing processes in place on the websites of major franchises. Some options include the ability to customize a pizza, or go with a preset; the choice from several drinks, and the selection of sides.  In addition, the application adapts based on the presence of an internet connection, sends an order summary upon the user’s request, and also allows the customer to print a receipt.

Go ahead, order your virtual pizza today!

PizzaApp.exe (Windows Only)

*image credit Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, all brand names are trademark of their respective owners.

PizzaApp Welcome Screen Pizza Presets Drinks and Sides PizzaApp Thank You Screen PizzaApp Printing Options

Game of Life SimulationGame of Life

Based on the classic, Conway’s Game of Life, I sought to demonstrate my understanding of Java and Data Structures by creating this interactive simulation.  Simply specify the desired grid size, toggle on/off some cells, and watch the simulation run!

Start a new life.

GameOfLife.jar (Windows, Mac, & Linux)