Digital Artwork

Over the last six months, I have had the pleasure of putting together several pieces of digital artwork for my Digital Arts (ART 251) class. Many of them vary in design and form, but each seeks to express a level of cheerfulness while maintaining a commitment to quality.

My monochromatic office supply illustrationShape Illustration

Like many things, my work started with humble beginnings. I decided to limit myself to a monochromatic illustration comprised solely of distended circles, squares, and triangles. As you can probably imagine, this made layering and line weight of key importance. It may not look like much, but was a very important step towards my own development.



Digital Depths Logo with Digital CrabLogo Design

As a part of my goal to create logo which is both intriguing and inviting, I wanted to create something which shows off my affiliation with modern technology. After much brainstorming as well as sketch-work, I finally landed on the title Digital Depths.  The words seemed to flow together quite nicely, and going with the theme, I managed to create a mascot which I think effectively displays technology’s rapidly encompassing presence.

BIT.TRIP Sonic MenuGame Mock-up

For my representation of a potential game, I chose to embody elements from both the Sonic and BIT.TRIP saga.  In particular, I decided to reference the thrill of City Escape in San Francisco, California, while maintaining the flow and retro nature of commander video’s escapades.  What you see here is the result of these clashing worlds, and I hope to one day experience such an adventure.BIT.TRIP Sonic Gameplay






Digital Painting of a Hibiscus FlowerDigital Painting

This project originally started as an attempt to emulate the style of a Rembrandt.  After hundreds of miniscule brush strokes, I think I finally got the hang of manipulating a virtual paintbrush.  My final product may look overly-realistic, but I think that it does an excellent job of reflecting the sense of depth and light at play.



For a full description and a peek at more of my artwork, please view my portfolio below.

Digital Art Portfolio (pdf)