Intermediate Animation

Looking back at my earlier animations, I recognize that many of them, while fundamentally sound, were lacking the subtitles of human expression. In an attempt to further develop my abilities, I have attempted to create a series of more convincing actions, with a greater focus on timing and a higher attention to detail.

Shower TroubleShower Trouble

Towards the beginning, I was tasked with re-familiarizing myself with bipedian character rigs. As part of this process, I chose to re-create a piece from Animation Mentor’s 2010 highlight reel. By taking into consideration the various movements and emotions of the character, I feel that I was able to create a performance that very closely conveys Dan Carey’s original vision.

Simple Actions - DanceSimple Actions

In our daily lives, we often find ourselves performing a wide variety of tasks with little or no thought on the matter. Moving along, I sought to recreate a short series of such actions, dividing them into full-body, half body, and closeup categories. To this effect, I ended up shooting several short reference clips and then derived their motions.

Simple Actions - EnvelopeIn the first of these, I was able to represent the motions of JU’s dancers as they leaped and spun about the dance hall. Following this, I attempted to use material from both myself and a few relatives in order to better represent hand and spinal locomotion.


Bryce Tire Lift

The Lift

Deviating from my previous animations, I attempted to animate my own character, Bryce using minimal references. Being a rather large, bulky character, I thought it best to animate him moving another fairly massive object. Through this, I was able to tackle key concepts of animation, such as anticipation and weight-shifting.

Lip SyncLip Sync

Looking ahead, I sought to tackle the issue of language. Until now, all of the characters in my animation were mute. Seeking to rectify the issue, I took a page from The Eleven Second Club’s October 2010 competition, and set to work placing words in Ozzie’s mouth, making him articulate those words.

Experience the Expression