Advanced Animation

Beyond the basics of animation, dwells a host of other possibilities.  These simulated effects can often add small, yet important subtleties, or even serve as the main attraction.  Regardless of their use, special effects are bound to turn heads, and come as a welcome addition to nearly any scene.  Drawing on my previous success, I have attempted to work with some of 3D animation’s more advanced facets.  Below are some of my results from my Advanced Animation (FVA 462) class.

Particle Fountain

Particle Fountain

To begin with, I tried working with particles and emitters.  This eventually led into fluid effects and the simulation of larger bodies of water.  Lastly, I managed to play around with a the various material settings, giving the nParticles and pool with water and glass-like appearances.

Meteorite impacting a building in a metropolitan area

Building Explosion

Moving on, I decided to create a bit of destruction.  However, due to limitations of Maya’s rigid solver, I opted to use colliers and highly-rigid nCloths.  To polish it off, I chose to add a few liquid simulations and provide more realistic lighting with a physical sun and sky.

Mavis strutting down the runway dressed as a hippie

Mavis Fashion Show

Perhaps my favorite project of the semester, the fashion show involved a mixture of hard and soft surfaces utilizing wrap deformers and more conventional nCloth simulation.  As in real life, I was able to adjust the clothes through a series of constraints, a process similar to pinning.

Bokoblin Munny Doll

Munny Doll

Pressing forward, I continued to encounter additional tool sets.  Working off of a Munny Doll’s basic form, I decided to add a personal twist by creating it on the likeness of one of the chubby Bokoblin found in Skyward Sword.  The final product  has been deformed and painted in Mudbox in order to give it a distinctly primitive appearance.

Watch it Unfold