Animation Drawing

Looking back, it is clear that the nature of animation has changed drastically over time. In our efforts to create more vivid and compelling animations I cannot help but feel as if we have lost a small part of what made previous works so memorable. As a result, I have attempted to explore the waning art of drawn animation through the use of modern tools. Below you may find a few of my works on the subject.

Leonard Character CompositionCharacter Composition

As a first step, to reacquaint myself with some of the modern tools as my disposal, I opted to construct a cartoon-like character poster and then animate its composition. Along the way, I was able to create the individual pieces in Illustrator and Photoshop, before assembling them in After Effects.

Dance RotoscopeRotoscope

In the process of creating my character composition, I became aware of the process known as rotoscoping. This form of animation involves the successive redrawing of a subject over time in order to create a series of hand-drawn line-work. Through my efforts, I intended to convey the mood and playful energy of a dancer.

Straight Ahead - KiteStraight Ahead

Building on my experiences, I intended to produce a hand-drawn animation which follows the straight-ahead approach to animation. By not placing specific keyframes between which to tween, the artist is offered more liberties. However, this can lead to issues in terms of timing and consistency between the frames. Here, I have tried to tell the brief tale of a kite in a style resembling a child’s scrapbook.

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