3D Modelling

Nowadays we are surrounded in 3D artwork with movies and video games being just a few examples. This has left me pondering the construction of such creations. In recent months, I have decided to stop questioning and start modeling my own compositions. What you see below are just a few products which were initially created for my Modelling and Design (FVA 260) class at JU.

P-40 Toy ModelP-40 Toy Model

As my first work within Maya, I chose to model a simple child’s toy. To be more specific, a P-40 fighter plane. From my experience, I was able to learn valuable tools such as the importance of smoothing and the proper placement of geometry.

Haida BowlHaida Bowl

For this project, I wanted to give my bowl a unique, hand-carved appearance and for that I used 3D Coat. I chose a wooden texture for simplicity, and then painted it to add a sense of authenticity.


Majora's MaskMajora’s Mask

At the same time as was sculpting my bowl, I took on the task of mask shaping. I wanted the mask to reflect a piece of my character, and so I settled on Majora’s mask. Shown to the right, is the final, painted rendition.

AT-AT Walker Model

AT-AT Walker

For my modeling and design class, we were required to construct some form of spaceship as part of a group project. Featured is the final product, the legs and head of which I carefully modeled.

Excitebots Frog-Cycle


As I continued to progress, I wanted to tackle another mechanical marvel that tied in elements of myself, while not going overboard with detail.  What you see here is the result of those desires, an amphibious speedster from Excitebots Trick Racing.

See it all in Action