My Work

 P-40 Toy Model3D Modelling

Set sail and join me as we embark on a voyage to explore the open waters of Maya and 3D Coat. Along the way you will encounter several rare and unique models found only in these digital depths.


BIT.TRIP Sonic Gameplay Mock-up

Digital Artwork

Come explore the depths of my artwork by crawling out of your shell and into the luminescence of serene artistic beauty.




AnimationMavis Jogging Animation

Marvel at the life beneath the sea as we study the behaviors and interactions between these most peculiar species.


Kite's Tale Animation

Animation Drawing

Uncork the past as we examine some of the drawings and techniques involved in hand- drawn, 2D animation.


Paint Supplies Still LifeAnimation Rendering

Come along as we visit the world below and all it has to offer. Be sure to bring your best camera to preserve every precious detail.



Funky Factory App IconFunky Factory

Fancy a spot of frantic, fast-paced fun?  Tour our newest attraction and try your hand at this long-forgotten craft.




Pizza Ordering ApplicationPrograms and Code

Care to send a message or order a pizza? Anything is possible with just a few strands of code. Just be careful not to get your nets tangled.




North Florida Springs Alliance WebsiteWeb Development

Dare to venture beyond these waters? Come discover some of my other works and their place in this online ecosystem.